Professional processing - specially designed solutions

We always provide the utmost quality and craftsmanship, which includes processing of steel and aluminum. We provide an extensive range of processing options.


Surface treatment

We offer the following surface treatments together with our trusted suppliers:

  • Galvanisation
  • Anodic coating
  • Metal coating
  • Powder lacquering

Hardening treatments

We are highly experienced in carrying out hardening processes and other heat treatments. In our specially made convection ovens, we treat aluminum profiles with a length of up to 8 meters. It is an internal process that is carefully monitored and documented. Tension tests are done in our laboratories, and we provide certificates and test results upon request.



CNC machining is one of our core competencies. We can provide a five-axis processing of aluminum profiles and deliver ready to go components in the utmost quality. We have an advanced and innovative setup that includes processing workstations from CMS, Maka, Mubea and CAD/CAM software from Tebis and Alpha Cam, which allows us to process even the most demanding and complex cutting jobs.